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The island of Delos, which was sacred for the ancient Greeks, is very close to the glamourous and famous island of Mykonos and is home to the most important island ruins in Greece. Delos has a maximum length of 5 km and a width of 1,300 m, so it is easy to explore and to climb to the top of the sacred Kynthos Hill where you can enjoy the spectacular view. It is also worth visiting the Archaeological Museum of Delos which has many fascinating exhibits, amongst which are the original Lions of Delos.

The monuments:

- The Theatre Quarter: Many roads, workshops, shops, and galleries etc have been excavated here.

- Sanctuaries dedicated to foreign gods: These are low down on the foothills of Mount Kynthos.

- The Samothrakeion, a sanctuary dedicated to the great gods of Samothrace, the Cabiri.

- Agora of the Competaliasts. Dates from 150 BC

- Temple of Delians (Great Temple). The largest of the three temples of Apollo.

- Temple of the Athenians. An impressive monument with six Doric columns on the front and six on the rear of the building.

- Avenue of the Lions: A tribute from the islanders of Naxos (7th century BC) and maybe the most iconic of the remains on Delos. Nine of the marble lions are still standing in the famous "Avenue of the lions".

- Minoan Fountain: Dates from the 6th century BC.

- Oikos of the Naxians: One of the oldest buildings in Delos (dates from 575 BC)

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