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The most beautiful archaeological park in Greece is to be found seventeen kilometres south of Katerini! It is a beautifully designed archaeological site with ancient temples, Hellenistic and Roman theatres, paved streets, baths with pools and mosaics, a conservatory, Roman villas and old Christian basilicas. The whole area is covered in rich vegetation, which makes it even more pleasant to explore. Small streams and springs run through the site, and all in all, Dion is like a paradise where the ancient remains take pride of place.

Worth seeing:

- The sanctuary of Isis, one of the most beautiful places in the area. In winter it is flooded with water and the buildings rise up from the surrounding vegetation.

- The sanctuary of Demeter, one of the oldest to be excavated in Macedonia.

- The sanctuary of Zeus Hypsistos, a glorious, beautifully decorated building with stoas. An almost entire full-length statue of Zeus surrounded by marble eagles was found here.

- The villa of Dionysus with its mosaics and thermal, the bath complex which dates from 200 AD. The villa had underfloor heating (hypocaust) and you can still see the mosaic depicting the Nereids (the nymphs) being captured by the Tritons.

- The Archaeological Museum of Dion. On the ground floor you can admire a magnificent collection of sculptures, as well as finds discovered in the sanctuary of Zeus Hypsistos. If you go to the first floor, you can see the ancient systems used for the site’s plumbing.

Opening hours: 08: 00 - 20: 00. Tel. + 30 23510 53 484.