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The Epidaurus Asclepion, which was a place of worship, and also a centre for medicine, sports and cultural events, was the largest and most famous healing centre in ancient Greece. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most famous monument is the ancient theatre that combines perfect acoustics, elegance and symmetry. It was here that the musical, singing and drama contests of Asclepion were held. Since 1955, theatre goers have been able to enjoy performances of important ancient dramas which are staged as part of the famous Epidaurus Festival ( Other attractions: Katagogion Hostel, The Ceremonial Banqueting Hall complex, the Tholos, Stoa of Abaton, the Stadium, the Asklepion, the Small Theatre of Epidaurus (4th century BC) which also hosts theatrical performances and the Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus which is home to many important exhibits.

Opening hours: 07.30 - 18.00. Tel. +30 27530 22009.