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Monemvasia, the fortress which is "above the clouds and notorious", has been declared an archaeological site and is a medieval settlement which is unique in the entire Mediterranean. It has been inhabited continuously for centuries, and has been maintained in excellent condition and is now famous as the ultimate destination for couples and lovers! Whether you are taking magical walks through the fortified town with its amazing architecture and unsurpassable atmosphere, or staying in a guesthouse, eating out in the tavernas, swimming outside the sea gate or climbing to the upper town, every moment spent on Monemvasia rock is an intense and enjoyable experience that will stay etched in your memory forever - especially when it is accompanied by a glass of delicious Malvasia wine!

It is worth seeing:

- The exceptional architecture of the houses in the lower town – they are usually two storey and made from local Mavropetra (black stone) and limestone.

- The Church of Aghia Sophia. Built in the mid-12th century, it is one of the few octagonal type churches to survive in Greece and was dedicated to Panayia Odigitria.

- The upper town. Follow the path which winds between the Byzantine ruins and the Venetian and Turkish buildings. From the Kretikos Battlement (Tapia tou Kretikou), you can enjoy the view over today’s bustling Monemvassia and, as you walk up to the Fortress of Youlas, you will feel a sense of awe at your surroundings.

- The main street in the lower city which is full of shops, cafes and tavernas.

- The impressive sea wall.

- The churches. In the lower town, 24 of the original 40 churches which used to be here, have survived to the present day. The Church of Christ Elkomenos, the church of Panayia Chrysafitissa, and the church of Panayia tin Kritikia are exceptionally interesting.