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Mount Olympus is the highest, most impressive and mysterious mountain in Greece. It was the home of the 12 mythological Greek gods. The Pantheon (today's Mytikas) was their meeting point where all their discussions were held. Zeus’ throne (today's Stefani), was where the leader of the gods, Zeus, sat and unleashed his thunderbolts. Olympus is the second highest mountain in the Balkans, and also in the entire European region from the Alps to the Caucasus. It was the first National Park in Greece and presents a timeless challenge for climbers and walkers.

What you should do and see:

- The climb to Mytikas and the other peaks of Olympus. Follow the aptly named "path of silence" and after five hours you will arrive at the S Agapitos shelter, at an altitude of 2,100 m. From there you will reach the plateau of the Muses and other peaks of the mountain which are 2 hours and 30 minutes from the shelter.

- Visit the old Aghios Dionysios monastery.

- Walk around Litochoro, the picturesque little town built on a slope below the highest peak of Mount Olympus. It is a starting point for hiking excursions on the mountain.

- Hiking in the Enipeas Gorge, finishing at Prionia on the boundary of the Olympus National Park.