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Ancient Mycenae, the kingdom of Agamemnon who was praised in Homer’s epic poems, is built in a strategic position on top of a hill, at an altitude of 278 meters. It was the most important and richest palatial centre of the Late Bronze Age. The site includes the walled citadel on top of the hill and burial and living areas outside of the citadel. Most of the monuments we see date from the golden era of the palatial centre, from 1350 to 1200 BC. The Archaeological Museum of Mycenae houses 2,500 exhibits including the golden death mask which Schliemann believed to be of Agamemnon.

The main attractions:

- The famous Lion Gate, the main entrance of the Citadel of Mycenae with two lions facing each other.

- Grave Circle B where six royal shaft graves and many rich offerings were discovered.

- Grave Circle A, with six royal shaft graves from a later dynasty.

- The Cyclopean Walls on the west side of the citadel which, according to legend, were built by the Cyclopes. They were built over various different historical periods.

- The Palace (only the foundations have survived).

- The Tomb of Atreus, one of the largest and most perfect vaulted tombs to be found at Mycenae.

Opening hours: 08.00 - 15.00. Tel. 27510 76 585.