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Nauplia, Nafplio, Anapli or Napoli di Romania ... whatever you call the first capital of modern Greece, it is a unique city. You can walk in the neighbourhoods and the squares and enjoy the sights of a historic city known for its special atmosphere and elegance. The boutique hotels, restaurants with good food, café-bars with sea views and pedestrian streets lined with shops make for an ideal destination – either for a weekend get-away or for a holiday.

It is worth seeing:

- The Palamidi. This impressive castle was built between 1711 and1714 by the Venetians. You can climb the 857 steps and enjoy the (literally!) breath-taking views.

- The much-photographed Bourtzi with the Venetian castle which was built in 1473. The island is only 450 metres from the Nafplio seafront and you can get there by tour boat.

-The Acronauplia, which was the citadel of Nafplio.

- The historical buildings in the town such as the Trianon (the old Mosque), the National Bank, the first Greek Parliament, the Town Hall, the church of Aghios Spyridonas outside of which the first Greek head of state, Ioannis Kapodistrias, was murdered in 1831. You can also visit Syndagma Square and Tria Navarxon Square.

- The Museums: The War Museum of Nafplio, the Archaeological Museum, the National Gallery and the Papantoniou Folklore Institute.

- The private komboloi (worry beads) museum and the House of Karagiozis (the much loved star of traditional shadow puppet theatre) are also of great interest.