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The homeland of the great Greek poet, Alexandros Papadiamantis, unfolds before the visitor like the pages of his books. The Chora and the Bourtzi Peninsula, the castle, Koukounaries Beach, the wetlands of Strofylia, the sea caves, the award-winning beaches and its cosmopolitan nooks and crannies have all made Skiathos famous throughout the world. It is a destination with many devoted fans.

Worth seeing:

- Skiathos town, with the Plakes district, the Church of Panayia Limnia and the Church of Theotokou, The Tris Ierarches Cathedral with the neo-Gothic iconostasis, the pedestrian shopping street Papadiamandis, the coastal "perantzada" and the restaurants, cafés and bars.

- Lalaria Beach, one of the “trademarks” of the Sporades Island and the most photographed beach on Skiathos, this beach is famous for its endless golden sands.

- Bourtzi, the rocky pine-covered island in Skiathos harbour, with the fortress built by the Gizi brothers in 1207.

- Koukounaries Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Greece.

- The natural environment around Lake Strofylia.

- Skiathos Castle (14th c.) and its churches. The castle is at the northern tip of the island.

- Holy Monastery of Evangelistria (1794).

- The Papadiamandis house-museum in the town (tel. +30 24270 23843 & 23702).

- The sea caves Pounta, Fonissa and Altanous which are only accessible by boat.